Rules and Regulations

Amateur Ladies Mud Wrestling Rules

These are the basic rules. They may be amended from time to time as to adjust to local and/or association rules and ordinances.

01) All contestants must be at least 18 years old.

02) All contestants must live within the geographical area in which they are competing.

03) This is AMATEUR ONLY…. No former pros allowed! Professional bouts will be conducted either by another professional organization, or next year by this company in another division.

04) Contestants are allowed to compete in one “Regional” competition only. There will be playoff competitions, to select a National Amateur Champion.

05) Swimsuits only – No shoes or socks allowed.

06) The contestants are not allowed to remove each other’s clothing.

07) WRESTLING RULES APPLY! No streetfighting or martial arts allowed.

08) The contestants must stay in the mud pit at all times during their turn.

09) Contestants will be paired together by height/weight to make the competition as fair as possible.

10) No scratching, biting, choking, kneeing or pulling of the hair. If this is done the contestant will be disqualified.

11) The maximum length of time for all 3 rounds is 6 minutes (each round has a 2-min max). After the time is up and if the match is concluded a tie then the audience will decide.

12) The contestants must pin their opponent and hold them down for three seconds in order to win one round. The three seconds will be noted by the referee.

To enter the competition, simply GoTo the Signup Page and enter your name, warrior name, age and which class you want to compete in, then click submit. We will process your information and get in touch with you within 24-36 hours or so, verify your info, then confirm you as a wrestler/warrior.

The classes are as follows:

Pixie Class – 75-130 pounds,
Princess Class – 131-180 pounds, and
Amazon Class – 181 pounds and above.

Remember, there is a $300.00 FULLY-Refundable Registration Fee. This is only to insure that you show up for the catfight, er I mean competition.


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