Ladies Mudwrestling is BACK, People….

Beginning in September 2013, Amateur ladies Mudwrestling will be back, and in a very big way. First of all, it won’t just be bar-room brawls, or a small crowd, but live events in arenas all over the nation. From St. Petersburg, Florida to Los Angeles, From New York to Houston, Seattle, Miami and all points in between.

The Live Amateur Ladies Mudwrestling Association is planning no less than thirty events this Fall, and one is sure to be near you. And if you can’t attend one in Person, you can still catch them all “LIVE” in real-time on Internet Pay-Per-View via our Ustream.TV channel.

Soon, we’ll have a full-fledged website with membership options, “WARRIOR” interviews, a company store with t-shirts, posters, DVD’s, the Warrior’s websites and a whole lot more.

Bookmark the site and stay tuned, as tickets for the first event in Atlanta, Georgia will go on sale soon. It’s gonna be a blast and we want you to be there for all the nail-scratching, hair-pulling and mud-slinging action that can only be had in a catfight fought in the mud.

See ya soon.

Benton Middleton, Owner/ManagerImage

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